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"Supporting the Education of Students with Disabilities at Homeschooling-SESHOME"
Children requiring special education due to their medical and / or disability conditions in EU28
cannot directly benefit from educational institutions; appealing to homeschooling children
Pre-school and primary education children in EU28 countries
It is estimated that 6% of them suffer from physical and academic development.
Especially Turkey, both teachers in the subject area both with 12 years of compulsory regulations
parents need training and support material. Also in other EU countries -
high theoretical view on parental involvement as "expert partners" in educational processes
Although there is unity-full participation, experts sometimes practice the necessary methodological skills
"Supporting the Education of Students with Disabilities at Homeschooling" EU countries
between existing knowledge and skills, particularly in Turkey, students, teachers and parents
Training modules and content will be prepared in line with the needs, focusing on the needs.


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About SESHOME Project

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After completing these trainings with your student, you are asked to fill out our evaluation questionnaire. Your feedback is important to us in order to provide the highest benefit to you and our valued students.

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